North Korea has claimed a cyber-savvy force of some 4,000 expert-level hackers thought responsible for the growing number of breaches in South Korea and her allies.

Be careful when you select a bestseller to purchase on Amazon, where knock-offs are prevalent -- copycats that come with Amazon's stamp of approval. Perhaps it should be called Spamazon. Until recently, if you had typed "Steve Jobs Isaac" into the online retailer's search box, the first choice that popped up wasn't the best selling book by Walter Isaacson, but instead one with the same name and a similarly sounding author, Isaac Worthington. The book appears to be selling, even though Amazon's one reviewer gives the book a single star and calls it a "poorly produced pamphlet." Presumably, Worthington's book is based on exclusive interviews with Jeve Stobs.

Movie fans downloading free pirated films are no longer Hollywood's worst nightmare, but that's only because of a newer menace: cheap, and equally illegal, subscription services.

Efforts hampered by lack of agreement on meaning as the Defense Department puts its new Cyber Command in place to defend the military information infrastructure

Ready or not, here come the lawyers. If you’re in litigation or responding to regulators, you’d better be e-discovery ready.

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