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Security firm Zscaler discovered a malicious campaign based on a new strain of the Spy Banker banking malware.

FireEye says it has discovered a type of malware designed to steal payment card data that can be very difficult to detect and remove.
The cybercriminal group behind the malware, which FireEye nicknamed "FIN1," is suspected of being in Russia and has been known to target financial institutions.

The malware, which FIN1 calls Nemesis, infected an organization that processes financial transactions, which FireEye did not identify.

A new strain of PoS malware dubbed Pro PoS Solution is available for sale in the underground forums.

A criminal named Hacker Buba after asking UAE bank for $3 million ransom started leaking customer data online.

ModPOS is new POS malware discovered in systems of US retailers after the rush of Thanksgiving and experts speculate it is the most complex POS malware ever seen.