Social Engineering Assessments

Social Engineering assessmentsSocial Engineering Assessment Services

All the preventative controls in the world won’t stop a determined attacker from getting at your data, especially if your employees let them in the front door. Social engineering tests your employees’ reaction to unexpected visits, as well as giving you a complete picture of your facility’s physical security posture.

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Staff Augmentation

certified Security professionals staff augmentationAlready overburdened IT staff find it nearly impossible to keep up with daily security issues or have the bandwidth to implement solutions while ensuring their organization stays in compliance. The problem is further compounded when a highly visible, large project gets added to your workload, you have had a reduction in staff, or you haven't been able to find the right person with the right skills or experience, and simply need additional security experts to fill in temporarily. Filling the resource gap is critical for you to manage and maintain the security posture of your organization.

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Website Compliance Assessment

website compliance assessmentOur Website Compliance Assessment Service is designed to bring your Website into compliance with consumer protection regulations. Our Website assessment procedures cover each of your product and service lines to provide you with an accurate assessment of your overall compliance performance.

Utilizing our Website Compliance Assessment Service, clients have found this service is more than an assessment; it is a management tool.

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WiFi Security Assessment

Comprehensive wireless security assessments include analysis of the network structure and configuration, detecting weak security passwords and algorithms, and exploration of the risks related to the so called “evil twin” attack. (In an evil twin attack, the attacker places an access point in the corporate network that at first glance seems to be legitimate, and yet enables eavesdropping of all the traffic it is intended to stalk.)

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