Application Security Assessment & Penetration Testing

Application security assessmentApplication security is frequently overlooked during security planning. Developers are under pressure to bring custom applications online quickly and security can suffer in the process. Many of these applications store sensitive data that needs to be protected even when sharing information across extranets and over the Internet. Unfortunately, the market for stolen personal information, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and passwords is flourishing and Internet criminals harvest information from insecure applications that haven't been tested.

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Computer Forensics

Understanding Chain of Custody/Data Integrity

Chain of Custody is the process in which evidence or potential evidence is accounted for and implemented to ensure the integrity of evidence or potential evidence.

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External Network Vulnerabilities Assessment

external network assessment

It is critically important that organizations take a holistic approach to information security. Network security is all about understanding weaknesses and taking the steps to secure those weaknesses.

We provide your organization with a clear understanding of the risks present on your external network and with necessary awareness required to properly secure your organization's externally facing assets and help you move towards superior network security.

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Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment

internal network vulnerability assessmentThe Internal vulnerability assessment and testing (IVAST) is performed with the goal of assessing the security posture of your internal network and systems security controls. Every device within your network is evaluated for configuration backdoors, trojans, malware, and mis-configuration.


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