Information Security Program Review

information security program reviewDeveloping, implementing and managing an effective information security program is a difficult task. The regulatory and vertical-specific compliance requirements are constantly evolving. Additionally, cybercriminals and hackers continue to exploit new vulnerabilities and release sophisticated cyber threats that leave your organization exposed to potential breaches. Organizations first need to identify how they use information to meet their business goals and then determine the most cost-effective way to protect their information assets throughout the information security life cycle — a continuous effort that requires expert management, dedicated resources and a well-defined strategy.



A Security Program Review executed by our security professionals provides organizations with a comprehensive picture of its information security program and posture, which reveals strengths and weaknesses in its technical and non-technical components in relationship to any relevant benchmark that is important to the organization (e.g., ISO 27001/2, HIPAA, GLBA, NERC-CIP, FISMA-NIST, OCIE). We provide you with recommendations and design a strategic security roadmap, or simply identify solutions that can easily resolve your security weaknesses. By conducting an information security program review, there is value to be gained for both mature and “forming” information security programs.


  • Allows "forming" information security programs to quickly identify the existing environment and areas of key risk
  • Helps organizations gain a greater understanding of security-related activities across the entire organization and a view into "what is working well"
  • Identifies opportunities to gain efficiencies within the security program (removing and improving redundant activities)
  • Aligns your information security strategy with industry recognized best practices and improves your security and compliance posture
  • Enables you to prioritize policy, organization, access control and compliance initiatives
  • Develops a detailed roadmap of activities that will lead to optimum levels of security and compliance
  • Provides security program justification for senior levels of management
  • Provides actionable roadmaps that give a clear picture of how to execute on our recommendations
  • Establishes a three- to five-year plan to help guide the security program
  • Aligns the security program with the goals and objectives of the business to ensure enablement vs. restriction

Our comprehensive Security Program Review services include:

  • Review of security program activities, highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • Security documentation review, assessing the organization's security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures
  • Benchmarking against relevant regulatory and vertical specific compliance requirements
    • ISO 27001/2
    • NCUA Requirments
    • NERC-CIP
    • HIPAA
    • GLBA
    • OCIE Compliance and Assessments
  • Comprehensive security program strategy that will help align relevant stakeholders from across the organization
  • Evaluate security processes and tools to identify areas for improvement and efficiency


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